Special Event Guide

Village of Bethel Special Events Guidelines

You can print this information here and print out the application here. Download the Word document for an editable option: Special Events Application (editable)
(Effective Date: April 25, 2011)

These instructions are to assist the applicant / organizer in the scheduling and planning of the special event. We have designed the application form, the procedure for filing the application and the payment of fees to be as simple as possible. We are available to assist you if you need help in planning or completing the permit process.

Applicant / Organizer will need a special event permit if the event falls under one or more of the following criteria:

  • An athletic event such as a 5/10K Run, marathon, bicycle race or fundraising walk that uses a village street, alley, or other street right-of-way, that obstructs, delays or interferes with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or does not comply with traffic laws and controls.
  • A block party, which requires a closure of a street or portion of a street to vehicular traffic.
  • A street fair, circus, farmer’s market, street market, art and craft show, exhibition (i.e. car show), carnival, festival, indoor or outdoor musical concert, or other social event or gathering that takes place on a village street, sidewalk, alley or other street right-of-way, or village facility and/or:
    • That is likely to obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
    • Whose participants are likely not to comply with traffic laws and controls;
    • That involves the use of, or impacts upon other public property of facilities and the provision of public safety services in the response thereto.


The following shall not require a special event permit:

  • Funeral procession
  • Picketing and demonstrations conducted off the street or roadway
  • A memorial procession honoring members of the Armed Services, Police Department, or Fire Department. Organizers of such processions shall notify, in writing, the Village of Bethel at least seven days prior to their intent to conduct a procession
  • Private or small social events held in Burke Park

Step One: Special Events Permit Application

  • Complete and return the Village of Bethel Special Events Permit Application at least 90 days prior to the event (14 days for a block party). Use these guidelines as a reference to complete the application.
  • The Special Events Committee will review a Permit Application packet only if all forms are completed and all necessary information and supporting documents are included.

Step Two: Special Events Committee Meeting

  • When a completed Permit Application has been received, a Village representative will schedule your attendance at a Special Events Committee meeting, generally held monthly anywhere from 90 to 45 days prior your event date.
  • If, after meeting with the Special Events Committee, the completed Permit Application is approved, the event organizer will receive a Special Events Permit listing the specific requirements to hold the event.


Special Events Committee
The Special Events Committee consists of Village of Bethel staff representing the various departments that may provide a service during an event. These committee members review the Event Permit Application and offer suggestions and recommendations for approval or denial. The Committee will meet at least once with the applicant.

Special Events Committee Members
Representatives from the following Village departments attend the Special Events meetings as needed:

  • Village Administrator
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Public Works Supervisor
  • Code Enforcement Officer

Conditions for Permit Issuance
The Village of Bethel, using the recommendations of the Special Events Committee, shall issue a permit for a proposed event when it appears that:

  1. The Permit Application is complete in all material respects and all information contained in the application accurately reflects the knowledge of the applying organization/individual
  2. The Permit Application was completed and returned to the Village of Bethel within the required time frame (90 days prior to parade or street closing; 14 days prior to block party)
  3. The conduct of the event would not substantially interrupt or interfere with the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route
  4. The conduct of the event will not require the diversion of so great a number of other Village employees, that adequate staff is not available to complete Village assignments
  5. The concentration of persons, equipment, vehicles or animals at the event or assembly sites will not substantially interfere with adequate fire and police protection of, or emergency medical service to, areas near such sites
  6. The conduct of the event is not reasonably likely to result in violence to persons or property, causing serious harm to the public
  7. The number of events will not require the diversion of so great a number of Village employees that adequate staff is not available to complete Village assignments
  8. The event is not to be held for the primary purpose of advertising a product, goods, services or event primarily for private profit, and is not designed to be held primarily for profit; however the prohibition against advertising any product, good, or event shall not apply to signs identifying organizations or sponsors furnishing or sponsoring exhibits or structures used in the conduct of the event.
  9. The event site or route will not cause too great a disturbance to surrounding residents and businesses
  10. A determination has been made that the proposed use would not be too disruptive to the natural landscaping
  11. The date or location of the event is not in direct conflict with an existing event.
  12. Any proposed use of public property, right-of-way or facilities will not interfere with normal use of the property, right-of-way or facility by the Village or the general use
  13. The conduct of the event will not result in noise at a level inappropriate to the surrounding area.
  14. Such event will not interfere with previously scheduled activities or with scheduled maintenance or repair work to be carried out on the streets or thoroughfares to be used
  15. The event sponsors have complied with insurance requirements set forth by the Village

Notice of action on application:
The Village of Bethel may act upon the permit application at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Special Events Committee, generally held within 90-45 days prior to the event. Failure of the applicant to attend such a meeting may result in denial of the permit. If the application is denied, the reasons shall be set forth in writing.

Revocation of a Special Event Permit (prior to event occurrence):
A Community Event Permit may be revoked at the discretion of the Village of Bethel upon consultation with the appropriate public safety forces when the health or safety of the public is threatened by an emergency, disorder or other unforeseen condition which has arisen.

Revocation of a Special Event Permit (during event occurrence):
A Special Event Permit may be revoked during an event. If a Permit is revoked, the event must be cancelled and activities must be terminated immediately. The Village of Bethel has the responsibility to revoke a permit for reasons of health, inclement weather, or public safety. This will be determined after consultation with the Chief of Police and/or with the Village Administrator.

Enforcement of other laws:
Nothing contained in this document shall prohibit the authority of any officer to arrest a person engaged in any act or activity granted under this policy, if the conduct of such person violates the laws of the state, provision of this Code, or ordinances of the Village, or unreasonably obstructs the public streets and sidewalks of the Village, or if such person engaged in acts that cause or would tend to cause a breach of the peace.

Village of Bethel Services and Support
In this section, event services provided by the Village of Bethel are defined.

Security and Safety Services
The Bethel Police will identify general security issues to consider at your event. Police officers may be required for traffic control or other safety concerns. The police will work with event organizers to find what meets their specific security needs. The event organizer will receive an estimate for potential scenarios. Event organizers can be charged the following special duty rates for police services:

  • $28 per hour for all officers, with a minimum of two hours billed per officer.

For events that require more than three officers, an event supervisor is required. For these special events, charges will be:

  • $28 per hour per officer for all officers, with a minimum of two hours billed per officer.
  • $35 per hour for event supervisor, with a minimum of two hours billed per supervisor.

Cruiser fees:

  • $10 per hour, subject to availability.

In addition, the following cancellation policy is included in our event estimates:

  • Any business or individual that has contracted for a special duty officer from the Bethel Police Department, who wishes to cancel the service, must make notification to the Bethel Police Department at least one day prior to the scheduled start of the service by contacting the Bethel Police Department at (513) 734-2256 x24.

Insurance Coverage Requirement
Event organizers will be responsible for any and all damages caused by their organization, volunteers, employees, participants and spectators. In order to protect the Village against financial loss arising from any incidents or accidents that may occur, the sponsoring organization, permit holder or host establishment shall be required to obtain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy for bodily injury and property damage arising for the event. The Village, in its sole discretion, may waive the insurance requirement. The event organizers must furnish insurance information prior to the Special Events Committee Meeting. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Evidence of General Liability Insurance Coverage in an amount not less than one million dollars
  • ($1,000,000) combined single limit bodily injury and property damage for each occurrence. The following two documents are required and must be included in the Certificate of Insurance to demonstrate appropriate insurance coverage:
    • List as the Certificate Holder:
    • The Village of Bethel, 120 N Main St., Bethel, Ohio 45106
    • Additional Insured Endorsement containing the following wording:
    • “The Village of Bethel, its officers, employees and agents are named as additional insured with respect to liability arising out of (name of event) to be held on (dates of event).”
  • Additional endorsements which may be required:
    • If food is sold or served at the event, the insurance policy must include an endorsement for product liability in an amount not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000)
    • If the event involves the use of vehicles, the policy must also include an endorsement for automobile liability in an amount not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000)

Consent and Indemnity Agreement
The Consent and Indemnification Agreement in the application must be signed by an authorized representative of the sponsoring organization.

First Aid and Emergency Services
The event organizer is responsible for making arrangements for first aid and emergency services to be provided on-site, if necessary.

All event staff/volunteers using cellular phones should dial 911 or 513-734-4444 (Bethel-Tate Fire Department) in case an EMS squad is needed at the scene.

Traffic Control and Road Closures
Approval for use of Village streets, alleys and parking lots is generally given through the Special Event Committee. For the Village to allow for a road closure, the following must be considered: resident / business impact, detour routes, signage and notification, set up of barricades and directional signage, traffic control and safety.

Road Closures/Lane Restrictions
If roads are to be closed or access to certain residential areas or businesses is restricted, the event organizer is responsible for preparing, printing and distributing a notification letter to all affected residents and businesses. Police Officers and/or other Village staff may be required on-site to help with traffic control.

In order for an event to request that a Village street or road be closed or lane restricted, the organizers must indicate their intention on the Special Event Permit Application 90 days prior (14 for block party) to an event. Applications will be denied that do not provide the following criteria:

  • A list of the roads to be closed and corresponding intersections
  • A legible map of the closure areas and / or event site
  • Proposed times and dates of the closure and reopening
  • Any request for removal of on-street parking

Notification Letter to Affected Businesses and Residents
Affected businesses and residents must receive a notification letter at least 30 days prior to the event. Failure to properly distribute the notification letter could result in cancellation of your Special Event Permit. Said letter must receive approval from the Village Administrator prior to being mailed.

On-Street Parking Removal
If you wish to eliminate on-street parking during your event, you must indicate the request on the permit application.

Sanitation is the responsibility of the event organizer, unless otherwise determined by the Village.

The event organizer is responsible for providing and servicing portable restrooms during events when permanent facilities are not available or deemed not adequate by the Special Events Committee for the estimated size of your attendance. Please include provisions for people with disabilities. Restrooms in Burke Park will be cleaned, repaired and maintained by Village Staff. Fees may be incurred if maintenance or service is required during the course of the event.

Litter Prevention
The event organizer is responsible for maintaining the event in a clean and orderly condition both during and after the event. The event organizer may be required to rent a dumpster at his expense. The cost of any litter clean up beyond the normal daily routine will be charged to the event.

Facility/Park Rental Reservation
If a Village facility or park is required for the event, the event organizer is responsible for requesting the reservation through the utilities department at (513) 734-2243 x4.

Parades, Processions, Runs, Walks
Village road closures for the use of parades, processions, runs, walks, etc., must be indicated on the Permit Application and accompanied by a detailed suggested route map. The Special Events Committee will have final approval of the route. The Committee will work with you to determine the best route possible.

Noise Ordinance
Individuals or organizations are solely responsible for ensuring that the event complies with ordinances of the Village of Bethel.

Fees for Village Services & Equipment
If the event organizer requests Village services or if the Special Events Committee has determined that Village services are necessary to hold a safe and successful event, the event organizer can be invoiced for those services at the conclusion of the event. In addition, fees can be assessed for use of Village equipment.

An estimate of the cost of Village services and equipment will be provided to the event organizer after the initial meeting with the Special Events Committee. This estimate could be affected by weather, changes made by the event organizer, crowd size and other factors.
After the event, the Village will send the event organizer an invoice outlining the cost of the services provided by the Village. Payment is due upon receipt.

A temporary food license must be obtained from the Clermont County General Health District if food will be sold for a specified price or specified donation. Food served free of charge or free with the option to donate an unidentified amount, does not require a permit or license. All permits must be clearly displayed. Ohio and Bethel-Tate Fire Codes do not permit cooking inside tents. For further information on food guidelines, call the Clermont County General Health District at (513) 732-7499.

Alcohol is not permitted to be served or consumed at any special event held on Village property.

Americans with Disabilities Act
The Village of Bethel strives to make its programs, services and activities accessible to qualified individuals with disabilities. In that regard, the Village suggests that you make reasonable modifications to the programs, services and activities of your event to insure accessibility to such individuals.